A Coruña City Council

A Coruña City Council

Sculpture Park

This extraordinary vantage point overlooks the entire Golfo Ártabro, which stretches from Cabo San Adrián to Cabo Prior, a large area which includes the Sisargas Islands, the islands of San Pedro, A Marola and As Gabeiras, as well as the entrance to the rias of El Burgo, Betanzos, Ares and Ferrol. Due to its location, this park surrounding the Tower is an observatory where you can often see species of birds such as cormorants, gulls and guillemots that have their nests in the nearby cliffs.

The many paths that run throughout the area, which the municipality has designated as a Natural Area of Local Interest (ENIL), allow visitors to enjoy a nature setting with native flora of unquestionable ecological value.

This open-air museum stretches along the peninsula of the Tower, Punta Herminia, O Acoroado and Cabal de Pradeira, covering 47 hectares, which coincide with the limits of the so-called "core zone", the tower's area of influence, in the context of World Heritage. The sculptures are spread throughout the park that surrounds the Tower, in an interplay of highly evocative perspectives and in continuous dialogue with the monument. The artistic themes chosen can be interpreted in several ways, relating to history, mythology and legends.

Pre-existing elements have been integrated into this sculptural space, including the Monte dos Bicos, the Muslim cemetery and the beacons that aid navigation.

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